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What is Cloud Web Security Services (CWSS)?

AT&T Cloud Web Security Service is a subscription-based security solution that scans your Internet traffic and helps protect your systems from attacks by using content filtering, malware scanning, application controls, and other features.

How does CWSS work?

AT&T Cloud Web Security Service is flexible and can work with your existing network equipment. To use the service, you just need to make a simple configuration change to your firewall, router, or proxy server. Then, your administrators can log into the Cloud WSS Portal to manage your service and help protect and enforce Internet use policies for all users connected to that device. An optional lightweight desktop agent helps protect roaming users regardless of their location. The service’s highly secure, redundant, multi-tenant design uses more than 40 nodes distributed globally. And, we provision its individual components with dual anti-virus scanning and encrypted traffic scanning.

How is CWSS deployed?

There are multiple access methods of deployment, including Firewall/VPN, Explicit Proxy via PAC File, SD-WAN Connector, and Agent based.

What are the potential benefits of CWSS?

  • Flexible IT resources
  • Faster application rollout
  • Cost effective

Is on-premises equipment required?

AT&T Cloud WSS requires no on-premises equipment which eliminates the need to install, house and maintain physical hardware.

Does CWSS support SSL decryption?


Does it include Anti-Virus?


Does it support roaming or mobile users?


Can it synchronize with my Active Directory?


Are customers able to generate reports?

Yes, CWSS includes powerful reporting features. When your users send traffic to the cloud service, it generates access logs that you can view in various comprehensive and interactive reports. High-level reports, trend reports, and detailed reports provide deep and broad insight into your network. Administrators can use this data to help manage policies and provide coaching to users to help enforce policies.

Can the log files be offloaded?

Yes. (There are a few ways to do this. Consult the Help link on the CWSS customer portal.)

Can it protect all ports (all traffic)?

While AT&T offers a feature for all traffic pass through, CWSS is currently unable to scan all traffic for potential threats. That capability is expected to be added. Ports protected currently are 80 and 443.