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Whether you are a business student, an accountant at a large corporation or frequently have to deal with accountants, you will find this bilingual accounting dictionary an invaluable tool.

In class or at a business meeting you are likely to hear an accounting terms that is are unfamiliar to you. In this industry, it is extremely important to understand well the exact meaning of a particular accounting term and how it is used.

Accounting is a dynamic area with a vocabulary that is constantly changing; and to talk its language it is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest terminology.

This Spanish – English dictionary is intended to serve as a convenient and reliable reference tool and is designed to be an essentially tool for the preparers and users of accounting information.

In this work, the author seeks to contribute to the effective communication among the English and Spanish-speaking business communities and to serve this the needs of international businessmen, investment analysts, bankers, accountants, investors, translators and language teachers and students.

Areas covered include stocks and bonds, foreign currencies, derivatives, banks and other financial institutions and much more.

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