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Join more than 1,000 B2B marketing leaders (and aspiring leaders) in Washington DC this October. With three keynotes, 60+ sessions, six full-day workshops, and creative networking, it’s a can’t-miss for any B2B marketer looking to level-up their career.


  • Email Design Trends That Engage Subscribers

    DATE: March 21, 2019—2:00 PM ET | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Are you keeping up with the ever-changing standards that make or break your email campaigns? We’ll show you how email design impacts subscriber experience, engagement, and retention. Sponsored by GetResponse.

  • 10 Common Webinar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    DATE: March 28, 2019—2:00 PM ET | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    We’ve all been there. It seemed like it was going so well—then one little mistake turns your awesome webinar into a total fiasco. But what went wrong? Learn some simple things you can do to ensure a slam-dunk webinar, every time. Sponsored by ON24.

  • Website Experience & Optimization Online Forum

    DATE: April 12, 2019—11:00 AM ET | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Wouldn’t it be great if your website was optimized for each visitor’s unique needs? If only each prospect who landed there would be enticed to learn more—and convert? Join us on April 12 for the inside scoop on customization, conversational marketing, and more. Sponsored by Drift.

  • Cultivating Happy, High-Performing Marketing Teams

    DATE: April 18, 2019—2:00 PM ET | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Are you struggling to create and maintain an all-star marketing team? Your people really are your most valuable asset, and provide the foundation on which all your marketing efforts are built. So how do you get it right?

  • Marketing Writing Bootcamp 2019

    DATE: May 7, 2019—12:00 PM ET | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: $595

    Whether you’re a marketing newbie or a seasoned pro, Marketing Writing Bootcamp’s 11 sessions (available on-demand through April 2020) will help you hone your writing skills so you can take your marketing from great to ridiculously magnificent!

  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2019

    DATE: October 16, 2019—1:00 PM ET | LOCATION: Gaylord National Resort | PRICE: $1,895

    Join more than 1,000 B2B marketing leaders (and aspiring leaders) at the Gaylord National Resort in Washington DC, October 16-18, as they gather to learn—and share their secrets to success. With three keynotes, 60+ sessions, six full-day workshops, and creative networking, it’s a can’t-miss for any B2B marketer looking to level-up their career. Save $400 through June 14.


  • Demand Generation Online Forum

    DATE: 3/15/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Effective demand gen begins with well-informed planning, then produces killer experiences, and ends with clear reporting. Want to do all that? Join us for our first Online Forum of 2019 where you’ll get the scoop on LinkedIn ads, multi-channel experiences, and rock-solid data. Sponsored by Uberflip.

  • Using AI for Personalized Marketing at Scale

    DATE: 2/27/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Are you struggling to make meaningful personal connections with prospects and customers, at scale? We’ll show you how AI can help. Sponsored by Conversica.

  • Using Conversational Marketing to Reel in More Leads

    DATE: 2/21/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Is your website doing a good job meeting buyers where they are in their journey—and capturing quality leads? We’ll show you how to use conversational marketing to engage and convert more active prospects, before they leave your site for a competitor’s. Sponsored by Drift.

  • Scale and Precision for Your ABM Strategy

    DATE: 2/14/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    2019 is here. Are you ready to get serious about (and get serious results from) your Account-Based Marketing strategy? Getting super granular with specific KPIs may feel like splitting hairs, but precision is key. Sponsored by Demandbase.

  • Marketing Analytics Trends for 2019

    DATE: 2/7/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Join Trust Insights co-founder and marketing analytics expert Christopher S. Penn as he explores the marketing analytics trends that marketers will care most about in the year ahead. What should you know? What can you safely put on the back burner? Sponsored by Seismic.

  • Maximizing Your Tradeshow Strategy

    DATE: 1/31/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    With a new year of tradeshows upon us, all eyes turn to ROI. Are you ready to get the maximum value—and leads—out of your live events? Sponsored by Cvent.

  • Improving Demand Gen Results With Less Content

    DATE: 1/24/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Many B2B organizations simply create more content and increase the number of campaigns in hopes that something will work, only to find that simply doing more does not successfully deliver a good buying experience. So what can you do, then, to improve demand gen results?

  • The Marketing Channel You’ve Been Missing

    DATE: 1/17/2019 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    Demand generation is too often a game of testing and tweaking for a measly 5-10% increase in response and conversion rates. But hold up—do you know what channel routinely gets a 98% open rate and a 50%+ engagement rate? That’s right, it’s the humble SMS text message. Sponsored by Hustle.

  • How to Transform Event Attendees Into Hot Leads

    DATE: 12/18/2018 | LOCATION: Online | PRICE: FREE

    There’s a lot that happens at an event besides the five minutes a particular attendee is chatting with you at your booth. If you can collect and interpret data about the rest of what event attendees are doing and signaling, you’ll be far more successful in your follow-ups. Sponsored by Cvent.