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“I can’t believe we are finally announcing our public release.

Everyone here at SEO PowerSuite would like to thank you for being there for us throughout the beta
phase. Some of your feedback made us open a few bottles of champagne (well, mini beer kegs,
actually…) Some of it let us quick-fix crucial bugs and usability issues. And some of it filled our
backlog with great and innovative ideas we can’t wait to bring to life.

Up to this point, SEO SpyGlass’s beta has been used by 4.5K users, so we managed to stress-test the
index and its ability to serve the data without fails. And now we’re ready to move on.

We’re looking into all the things you said about the need for an API, about how you wished to see a list of your second- and third-tier links and be able to classify your links by sources. I promise we
won’t stop at where we are and will try to improve on our features.

There’s a lot of work ahead. But in the meantime, thanks for staying with us and believing in

Aleh Barysevich,
Founder and CMO at SEO PowerSuite

P.S. Please note that the beta-testers’ licenses will stop working in 2 days from
now. But I’ve just
emailed those of you who’ve been on our beta tester’s team, so please check your inboxes for
a little
“special something” we’ve got for you.😃