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Providing Effective, Multilayered Network Security as Part of Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform.

In the cloud, on-premises or both, you need to stop inbound and outbound threats targeting your end users, information and key infrastructure. Secure cloud, web and mobile traffic using advanced solutions leveraging our secure web gateway advanced proxy architecture.

Symantec Network Security for the Cloud Generation

Cloud-delivered network security service based on an advanced proxy architecture providing superior security for data, apps and users – wherever they go.

Cloud and Hybrid Secure Web Gateways

Secure the web with our leading cloud, appliance and virtual machine solutions

Symantec Secure Web Gateways (SWG) combine advanced proxy architecture with the intelligence of Symantec Content Analysis to offer a single, powerful web security solution that delivers world-class threat protection. Supporting Cloud and hybrid deployments, the scalable proxy secures web and cloud traffic and accelerate your business applications providing superior security for an enterprise’s data, apps and users – wherever they go.

  • The network security cornerstone of an enterprise’s integrated cyber defense
  • Tight integration with a wide range of network security solutions
  • Acceleration, peering and caching capabilities for performance optimization
  • Universal Policy Management to create and deploy policies across cloud and on-premises gateways for consistent security policy enforcement

Symantec Web Isolation

Protect targeted users from browser-based malware and phishing threats

Symantec Web Isolation stops zero-day malware by protecting user devices, enabling remote, interactive web sessions safely sending rendering information to the browser. Integrating with your Symantec network solution enables policy-based traffic isolation for suspicious or potentially unsafe sites and content.

Content Analysis and Forensics

Identify and eliminate advanced persistent threats

Symantec Content Analysis system extends multiple antimalware engines and malware analysis (sandboxing) to Symantec Secure Web Gateway solutions. Additional forensics capabilities are gained by adding Symantec Security Analytics delivering enriched, full-packet capture for complete network security visibility, advanced network forensics, anomaly detection, and real-time content inspection.

Learn more about Content and Malware Analysis

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Encrypted Traffic Management

Eliminate your SSL/TLS encryption blind spot

Get complete visibility into SSL/TLS encrypted network traffic and find hidden threats across your entire network security stack. Scan SSL-encrypted traffic for viruses, worms, and Trojans; and stop them at the gateway. Protect the privacy of your users with Selective Decryption capabilities while preserving the data integrity and protection you expect from strong encryption.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Industry leading CASB enables secure and compliant access to cloud applications

Securely adopt cloud apps and meet regulatory compliance requirements with an industry-leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that integrates with the rest of your enterprise security. CloudSOC provides visibility, data security and threat protection for today’s cloud generation of users across a wide range of sanctioned and unsanctioned apps.

  • Cloud application visibility and risk intelligence for thousands of apps
  • Data governance, UBA and policy controls for sanctioned cloud apps
  • Real-time user behavior analytics, data security, and threat protection for unsanctioned cloud apps
  • Cloud data encryption and tokenization for regulatory compliant use of cloud apps

Network Performance Optimization

Improve your network performance for a better end user experience

Symantec Network Performance Optimizations solutions enhance your application performance the experience of your users while reducing bandwidth costs. Advanced caching, acceleration, and network QoS capabilities are delivered with patented technologies and optimization features for WAN, cloud, and Internet environments.

We deliver our proxy-based architecture as a cloud service, on-premises appliance, or a hybrid of both. Through our combination of critical security functions, you can safely adopt cloud and mobile technologies, while strengthening your security and compliance:

Our essential protections include:

Encrypted Traffic Management

Symantec Proxy and SSL Visibility Appliance decrypt traffic, feed existing security infrastructure, and maintain privacy compliance.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Solutions

Presents a sophisticated ecosystem of technologies working together to protect your organization in the cloud, from the web, to social media, to mobile networks. A secure web gateway identifies malicious payloads and controls dangerous content.

CASB Cloud Security – CloudSOC CASB

Use cloud applications and services with confidence while staying safe, secure, and compliant. Gain visibility into shadow IT, govern data in cloud apps, and protect against threats targeting cloud accounts with our Cloud Access Security Broker. (CASB)

Web Security Service

Enhances cloud and web security, and compliance, allowing enterprises control access, protect users from threats, and secure data.

Web Application Firewall and Reverse Proxy

Built on the industry-leading ProxySG platform, Symantec Web Application Firewall offers full protection with advanced policy, control, accountability, and performance features.

Network Performance Optimization Family

Boost application performance, improve user experience, and reduce bandwidth costs with advanced caching, acceleration, and network QoS capabilities. Our patented technologies deliver unique optimization features for WAN, cloud, and internet environments.

Content & Malware Analysis

Protect against advanced threats through file reputation, multiple antimalware and analysis techniques, and sophisticated sandbox detonation.

Network Forensics & Security Analytics

Arm incident response teams with enriched, full-packet capture for complete security visibility, advanced network forensics, and real-time threat detection.

Web Isolation

Symantec Web Isolation prevents malware and phishing threats while allowing broad web access through the isolation of uncategorized and potentially risky traffic.