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network security management

Network Security Management

Blocking potential threats before they reach your web assets is the most effective way of prevention. Our web security solution is able to filter and detect bad traffic and threats from the open Internet world. These threats are blocked by our firewall right before they enter your web assets.

Our layered security approach combines with multiple DDoS mitigation capabilities into one service. It prevents disruption caused by bad traffic or bot traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping websites, applications and APIs highly available and performant.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your web assets from common website vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and cross-site forgery requests with no changes to your existing infrastructure settings.

Our security setting provides visibility into security events, while allowing for consistent security controls, across all platforms on which Internet assets are deployed. All attack traffic from the Internet will be recorded and analyzed. It will be updated automatically to our system for future prevention.

Rate Limiting provides the ability to configure thresholds, define responses, and gain valuable insights into specific URLs of websites, applications, or API endpoints. It basically adds granular HTTP/HTTPS traffic control to complement with DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions.